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My favorite age group to work with as a therapist was the toddler age: walking to three years. They are such amazing and fascinating little people.

That's why I decided to create a toddler playgroup at ArtJack. Inspired by my love of this age and all the wonderous things toddlers do, there is now a toddler playgroup twice a week at the studio! And the toddlers are loving it!

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10AM, toddlers and their caregivers are invited to participate in our 45-minute Toddler Playgroup. We have a variety of wonderful sensory bins and art materials to explore. It gets VERY messy, and to most toddlers, that is an amazing thing. Moms love the lack of clean up (except for clothes- we have smocks, but definitely wear "play clothes" that can get wet, dirty or possibly stained 😬.)

Currently, we are holding toddler playgroups on a class-by-class basis. This means that you don't need to commit to an every week class. Just sign up and come on the days that work for you- we know things "come up" with this age group (sick, appointments, cranky days, etc.) so we are starting out as flexible as we can be. Just sign up 12 hours in advance and you're good to go. Need to reschedule? Just let us know a couple of hours prior to the class.

Totally unstructured, Toddler Playgroups give these littles a chance to explore and enjoy all sorts of sensory materials. And so far, these kiddos are loving what we have to offer! (How do we know? They are NEVER ready to go!) Caregivers can jump in as necessary, but we are all about just letting them explore and check it out on their

own. And we have a FREE hot drink bar for the toddler companions to enjoy as they hang out with the other adults.

So here is your invitation to join us at the next Toddler Playgroup! We can't wait to meet you and your littles. Just sign up here on our site and we will see you soon! ❤️

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