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About Us

So Many Options,
So Much

In addition to scheduled events like classes, workshops, parties, and camps, we always have cool project kits and bars to stoke your imagination, including:

  • The DIY  Jewelry Bar
  • The DIY  Hat Bar
  • The Slime Bar
  • Rockin' Rock Painting
  • Featured Seasonal Crafts

Pull up a chair and create to your heart’s content!

To learn about how everything works, you can go HERE.


Our Story

Along with my son, Jack, I want to introduce you to ArtJack, an inspirational place where magic happens.


Jack is an artist and a wonderful guy! He is a young man who has autism, and he is embarking on this journey with me.  Jack is building his career, working at our mom & son creative venture (named after Jack), ArtJack Creative Studio. 


The job opportunities for people like Jack are not always a perfect fit. ArtJack is a perfect fit for him. We would love for you and your families and friends to join us, be creative with us and support us. Come and see us in our amazing studio in Fishers.

Be imaginative. Be creative.
Get inspired. Find your magic.

Join us and get Artjacked!

Meet Our Amazing Instructors


Studio Owner and
Creative Director, Process Art

Alison started this journey with her son, Jack, to provide a satisfying career for him (see above).

Alison has extensive experience working with young children, primarily in the field of Occupational Therapy. She has always leaned toward creative arts experiences as a means to enhance creativity and also practice a variety of essential skills necessary to participate activities of daily living.

Alison has a passion for process art as it meshes beautifully with other well-loved childhood development philosophies, such as Montessori education, Reggio- Emilia education and sensory processing approaches in Occupational Therapy. 

Alison lives in Fishers with her husband, Chris, and three amazing children, Jack, Colin and Chloe.

Two parents, two small children, and a young person


Collage Arts

Heather Ray Boelke is an artist and art educator in Central Indiana. An Indiana native, she was raised in a creative home, with continuous engagement in music and visual art throughout her childhood. She attended the University of Southern Indiana, where she earned a bachelor degree in Visual Art Teaching (K-12), later receiving a master’s degree in Special Education from Marian University. HRay has been teaching visual art in Indianapolis public, charter and after-school programs since 2012. She has a passion for working with underserved youth, building art programs around engaging art experiences and connection with community. She currently holds membership with the National Art Education Association and the Watercolor Society of Indiana.

In 2020, HRay turned her attention to producing works of art. She began working in magazine collage as her primary medium, also creating watercolor and mixed media works. Her illustrative style reflects the sentimentality and playfulness of childhood experience. She seeks to spread joy and preserve memories through her works of art. Boelke continues to teach art in Indianapolis, while also creating art on commission and producing series’ of artworks.

Contact HRay to request art on commission or a teaching artist.

Visit the gallery or shop HRay original art.


Jocelyn Sparkles, a person with purple hair and a tiara.

Jocelyn Sparkles is a textile artist, who studied fashion design and costume construction at Indiana University.  Upon graduating from college, Jocelyn then moved to NYC. She received a MFA in Costume Construction Technology from Rutgers University. While at Rutgers, she spent the summers constructing costumes for Broadway shows, such as The Lion King and Wicked, in NYC costume shops. 


After the economy crashed in 2008, she moved to New Orleans and specialized in one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras Ball costumes. Jocelyn moved back to Indianapolis in 2018.  She had a gig with Disney on Ice, where she would build, alter, and adapt costumes in Florida and all the way to Scotland, Japan, Serbia, and Poland. In addition to building costumes, Jocelyn is also an IATSE union member and has done backstage wardrobe for roughly 30 Broadway tours, and numerous local productions across the country.  Please view her online portfolio.


In March of 2020, with the entertainment industry closed indefinitely, Jocelyn created IndyCraftivist. IndyCraftivist is an Indianapolis-based fabric artisan changing the world through creative crafting. This small biz specializes in one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories with an emphasis on repurposing, reducing, reusing, and buying local. IndyCraftivist encourages everyone to embrace their style! You can find a more in-depth scope of IndyCraftivist's work on their website.  

Want to join our creative team?

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