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About Us

Our Story

 ArtJack is an an inspirational place where magic happens. ArtJack is named for Jack! This is Jack. 


Jack is an artist and a wonderful guy! He is a young man who has autism and ArtJack provides supported employment for Jack. We would love for you and your families and friends to join us, be creative with us and support us. 

ArtJack has both inclusive programming for individuals with special needs and children without special needs. 

Be imaginative. Be creative.
Get inspired. Find your magic.

Join us and get Artjacked!


Meet Our Owner!



Owner and
Creative Director

Alison started this journey with her son, Jack, to provide a satisfying career for him (see above). With a few bumps in the road getting started, ArtJack is now in full swing, bringing the joy of creating to our community. 

Alison has extensive experience working with children. She has always leaned toward arts experiences as a means to enhance creativity, learning and practice a variety of essential skills. As a former therapist (Occupational Therapy) and a children's art instructor, she is excited to bring the magic of art to young children. Alison believes that art enables children to express and explore their POWER! Alison is ready to bring the magic and power of art to ALL children, including those with special needs. 

Alison lives in Fishers with her husband, Chris, and three amazing children, Jack, Colin and Chloe.

Two parents, two small children, and a young person
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