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Changes and More Changes

ArtJack has had its share of growing pains in our first year. We have had lots of highs and some major lows, but we are still here.

As you may know, ArtJack was opened for Jack, an artist with special needs. We had a great concept, great plans, great offerings. But we were hit hard with a lot of struggles we weren't really prepared for, and we lost a lot of money. Because of that, we weren't able to keep our beautiful Fishers studio.

Looking back, the memories made in that studio are going to last a lifetime for me, and hopefully for Jack. We built everything up to make our space beautiful and more special than I could ever imagine. I can easily visualize sitting on the studio floor with Jack, painting, assembling furniture and making plans. It was probably the best Jack and mom time I could ever hope for. I will always treasure those priceless moments.

But we are going to persevere, and there are still great things to come for ArtJack, even though it's going to take some starting over and building a different ArtJack without our old studio. We are getting there.

Lots of people reached out to help save what we have built. So we will have some exciting announcements to share soon. I can't wait to get things rolling.

Right now, we can still come to you! A mobile ArtJack is a new component that we are adding to our services. We will bring everything necessary to make an amazing ArtJack gathering for you and your people at your place. And our pricing is lower without the overhead cost of studio rental! Just contact us with your vision, and we will work with you to see it through!

Look for announcements about new offerings soon. We are excited to get through this transition to bring a new ArtJack to our people. It'll be fantastic, just like Jack.

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