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How We Do Things…

There are several ways to experience ArtJack and the fun we have to share. Here's a "how we do it guide", so you can understand how we work.


Check the website's calendar for what classes are being held on a given day, or other events that we have going on. You can also go to the "Classes" section of our site. Then just select and follow the steps to get registered on the class of your choice.

Sometimes, classes taught by our Resident Instructors have links that will take you to that instructor's personal site so that they can handle your registration and payment.

One class we hold twice per week is our Toddler Sensory playgroup. This is a sensory, messy play date for walkers up to age three. Check it out- you can buy a package and save a little $$$.


We also have times when you can come to the studio and select what you want to do, when you want to do it. We call it Open Studio.

Check under Open Studio in the CLASSES section of the website for dates and times. You will need to register for Open Studio and pay a deposit to hold your space.

When you arrive at the studio, you will be able to choose from a multitude of different artsy fun activities to do in studio. The options are always changing, and we try to have a wide range of choices to suit everyone. But if there's something you have seen us do before, and you want to try, let us know before you come in so we can have it available.

It's also helpful to tell us the ages of folks in your party. Things that a 14 year old, a 50 year old and a 3 year old like to do are all pretty different, so let us know who is coming when you register.

Any deposits you pay to hold your spot will be deducted from your total in the studio.


Sometimes you just want to DIY at home. No problem! We have a retail area with lots of cool art kits and art supplies that appeal to a variety of ages. (Our play dough kits are a "process art to go" specialty that kids love!) You can pick one up during open studio hours, and sometimes we have things available online. We can always ship things if you need us to!


Have you looked around for options for birthday parties lately?

Lots of places try to do a "one size fits all" for parties. At ArtJack, we just don't see how that works. You end up paying for time or activities you don't want or need.

And while maybe you have some fun and you don't have to clean up, it wasn't really the perfect party for your people. And you paid a boatload of cash.

Our parties are customized, so that you can get what you're looking for. If you give us an idea of age, interests, numbers in the crowd, budget and dates, we will come up with a party proposal with custom choices to suit you. And once you've thought it over, let us know if we are hitting the party sweet spots, or if you need changes to give you all the party feels.

And those birthday party favor bags? Who needs another plastic slinky, ring pop and slap bracelet to send home with your guests? (You pay a lot and wonder if they're going in the trash the next day.) Your party peeps will be taking home their own custom made items they created in our studio. A reminder of the super fun time they had at your awesome party...let the party kudos begin.

We are a fabulous option for birthday parties. Check us out! Email us via the site to get started.


Subject to availability, we have some cool options for camps. Summer camps run for three hours each day, Monday through Friday per offering. Morning and afternoon options available.

Sometimes we have school break camps or weekend offerings that run for a few weeks consecutively. Check the calendar for current schedules.


We can do a customized private paint party for your group. Choose an adult paint night with friends or a kids/parent-child event. Check the calendar, and if there is nothing scheduled on a date you'd like, just ask if we can do a paint party for you on that day and give us some details. We can come up with a paint party for your group that you'll all love. Paintings done together are a wonderful memento of time spent together.


These are the same as our paint parties, except we offer a maker project instead of a painting project. Let us know what we can do for your group.


We can do a custom field trip specific to your school/homeschool groups interests and ages. Contact us for details and availability. We would love to host a field trip!

There are so many opportunities to come and have fun with us. Give us a shout and we'll help you make some fun!

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