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We have lots of cool camps posted now. Whether your an artist/gamer, budding architect or the bohemian type, we have you covered for what's fun to do this summer.

Castle camp is a great way to get creative this summer. Will your castle have kings and queens, or maybe its a spooky, haunted castle or a chic, elegant chateau in the countryside. Whatever you dream up, you can make it all your own in castle camp.

In this awesome session, campers will make the blank slate of a castle their own unique creation. They'll do everything from top to bottom, decorating rooms and creating furniture and people from upcycled, recycled and general crafting supplies.

On the last day, campers will invite their grownups in for the last 30 minutes to see their beautiful creations in a castle showcase fit for royalty. It will be amazing to see all of the fabulous decorating and making our campers have done.

This camp is for ages six and up, but using (low temp) hot glue guns is necessary for creating all of the items in camp, so be sure that your camper is capable of handling this on their own (we will be there to provide help and support all along the way). Register for Castle Camp today, which will be held mornings, June 5-8.

Ocean Art Camp has options for big kids and pre-k's as well, so if you're looking for a camp that works for littler artists, this may be a great option for you. Ocean Art camp will introduce your artist to the world of collage arts- painting with paper!

Kids get creative this summer, exploring ocean themes in art-making! Join a week-long art camp in which participants will create, play and engage in collaborative learning. These camps take place June 26th-30th.

Pokecraft camp will be so much fun. Calling all creative minds! ArtJack Creative Studio is hosting a truly unique event: Pokecraft Camp: Art Fun Inspired by Pokémon and Minecraft! This camp is meant to bring together two amazing worlds into one amazing session of fun and creativity. Our camp instructors will provide a variety of art activities that merge the best of both Pokemon and Minecraft. From creating our own Minecraft self-portraits and block buildings to making our own trading cards and figures, this camp has something for everyone. Grab your friends and join us for camp session of art, exploration, and fun! Pokecraft camp will be held mornings, June 12-15.

Another super fun option this summer will be Boho Camp! At Boho Camp, you’ll be able to unleash your inner bohemian spirit. This event is perfect for older kids and tweens who love art and expressing their creativity through it. Come partake in a variety of art-making activities including fiber arts, botanical arts, painting, jewelry-making in a bohemian style. Let's get creative and channel those peace, love and rainbow vibes!

For additional information and to register for our camps, go to the calendar page on the ArtJack website, and make your selection (ArtJack, Paint with Paper or Sewing) to find the camp that's perfect for you!

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