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About Classes, Open Studio and Toddler Playgroups...

Most ArtJack classes are one day workshops that have set times and you can register for them on this page.

Open Studio sessions appear on this page as well. These are days when you can come in any time during the Open Studio hours and select what you would like to create. You'll pay a deposit online and register for these days. You don't have to choose what you want to do until you come in.  Tell us about the people in your party so we are sure to include something appropriate for their age/ability.

If there are no registrations for a class or open studio event, the event will be cancelled the night prior to the event. So if you know you'd like to come in, please register. We haven't had good luck with walk-in days, so we don't offer them at this time. 

Occasionally, an event will be held that has hours like an Open Studio- i.e. "Hours between 2 & 5 PM". For these events, you can choose when you'd like to arrive to participate in the event. This will be noted in the class description. 

Toddler playgroups also appear in the list below. You can register for one or multiple sessions with a package. Playgroups are cancelled the night before if there are not at least two children participating. You will receive an email notification if your playgroup had to be cancelled. 

Toddler playgroups are currently being held at 10AM on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and last for 45 minutes. There are no walk-ins available for toddler playgroups, so please register to hold your spot and to make sure a given session will run.

Go to our Blog Posts and read "How We Do Things" if you'd like more information.